Member FAQ

EOA is a website, app, and membership for foodies and restaurants. Our members get special access to restaurants as well as an amazing tool for learning, discovering, and appreciating local restaurants. EOA is for people who aren't looking for a savings, or a discount but a great experience and unique access to chef defined specials. We don't promote value, coupons, vouchers or freebie's, instead we promote exploring, and experimenting with new foods, new places, new experiences that will be treasured. EatOutAtlanta is Insider Dining!

Each membership costs an annual fee of $97.

Visit from your computer, tablet, or smartphone and signup!
Members get access to our website, restaurant profiles, our app, a digital membership through the app, and an anodized, sandblasted, aluminum membership card, hand engraved with your name and expiration date. The cards are black or silver and are very similar to the same material found in Apple products.
There will be an Android app in the future, however, as it stands, the mobile browser experience on an android has access to just as many, if not more features than an app will. You can access your digital card from an android device simply by going into your My Account page.
The app is free, but in order to access the full functions, features and profiles, you will need ot be a paid member.
Yes! out of the box, all iPhones can run the app and use the app! From the smallest screen to the 5.5inch iPhone 6+ We are proud of the iPhone app and are big fans of Apple. If you have any problems viewing or using, please contact our support team and we will address them immediately.
When you signup you have the option to add a couple's card for a small fee.
All cards are mailed USPS Priority. If you did not receive your card, you will still have your digital card, and are also welcome to order a replacement through your account settings. Please contact us if your card doesn't arrive and make us aware.
You can use your digital or order a replacement card through the My Account link once you have logged in.
We do not have a physical address. As an app and web company, we are only available by phone or email.
This shouldn't happen. We strongly recommend reservations so as to avoid such incidents. Restaurants are asked to compare your membership to your ID to ensure that no one can use your lost or stolen card. In the event a restaurant refuses you, or doesn't provide the published benefit, please ask for a manager. If the manager doesn't want to participate, then make a decision to dine or not and then contact us. However, we will always do everything in our power to rectify the situation and make it up to you at an alternate restaurant.
We always (strongly) recommend a reservation. This program and the restaurants involved are heavily dependent on the chef and his/her team. They can always do more, do better, do something, when they know you are coming. This is about a cool experience and the best way to have one is to know it's coming. Some restaurants require reservations pay attention to the "Benefits" tab in the profiles for more information.
Each restaurant reserves the right to add gratuity to EOA members checks. This is not always going to happen, and in most cases, it's rare, but when it does it is because the experience is very involved and time consuming. This is most likely in a Chef's Table with alcohol pairing. The staff are integral to the dining experience. Without them, we could just pick up the food ToGo! We all want a great experience and the staff are trained to give us just that. They need to be compensated for their work and it is on us to set the example, or at the least, be the exception. We as EOA members are the best demographic. We are real foodies and we want to keep that level of prestige and pride, which means.. we tip the best!
Yes! Visit for personal gifts. If you are looking for corporate gifts, or a large quantity of memberships contact
We are always working on adding more restaurants. The profile process is involved, and we will do our best to add restaurants and build their profiles quickly, but as a startup, we need your help. Spread the word to restaurants you know, people you know, the bigger we get... the bigger we get. That sounds funny, but it's true. Every time we add a restaurant, we increase the likelihood we'll add more!

Also, some restaurants have a "Coming Soon" under their 'Benefits' tab, these restaurants have agreed to join but have not given us their benefit yet.
Sometimes you wont like everything, and that's okay, its part of the experience of being a foodie. You have to experience what you do and dont like. However, we strongly suggest that you submit constructive criticism and feedback so the restaurant can improve or address your complaint. Visit the restaurants profile page, click on the "Feedback" tab and drop the restaurant a note. Feedback is always appreciated.
We don't offer a place for public reviews. Members can submit feedback to the restaurants (once they are logged in) from the restaurant's profile page. This has a much higher rate of response and satisfaction than publicly posted reviews. Restaurants will more likely reply and more likely work on the issues. Your contact information will be enclosed with your feedback.